Celebrate, No Matter What

While our May 2020 wedding plans shifted dramatically, my now husband and I seriously lucked out with the dreamiest wedding we could've ever imagined. The day was so much better than we initially planned it to be. And on top of all that, we're married!

After our whirlwind wedding weekend though, coming back to reality was less pleasant. I got caught up in comparing each day to what it would've been had we been on our honeymoon. "We should be sailing in the Mediterranean ... ", "We should be having a enjoying sunset dinner in Santorini ...", etc. But we weren't doing any of those things. We were in our home (which we love), working jobs (also love), and in the city (where we fell in love). It's not that we had it rough by any means, but we were supposed to be celebrating our new marriage. I got so wrapped up in the comparison game of what should've been that somehow I believed celebrating our marriage had to look identical to my plans for our honeymoon. It was ugly. I had lost sight of what the heart of celebrating is all about. 

Something had to give. So we cleared off the table, set up our sweetheart table box, and had a dreamy evening in. It wasn't the sunset dinner in Santorini, but it wasn't just a regular night in either. We intentionally created a space to revel in our wedding, each other, and our dreams for the future. 

So to every couple who is bogged down reminiscing on missed celebrations, lost opportunities for grand occasions, or even just simple date nights out, STOP. Who needs a fancy backdrop to celebrate when you have a home? Who needs to be waited on when you get the chance to serve one another? There is beauty to be celebrated. Don't wait to pop the bubbly. Set up your sweetheart table box. Embrace your story in the here and now. 


DM us on Instagram @TheRevellerCo if interested or have questions. $150 (shipping included).

Includes: 2 glass champagne flutes, 2 charger plates, 2 placemats, 4 glass votive candles, 2 candlesticks, 2 glass candlestick holders, 1 ivy garland, 2 napkin rings, 2 cloth napkins, 1 string fairy lights (battery included), 1 disposable camera, 2 place cards.

If gifting this to a sweet soon-to-be-wed couple, gift message on stationary can be included.


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