A Poolside Hideaway

"Her 30th to remember......

Approaching our national lockdown with our wedding being cancelled and my fiancé’s 30th birthday trip to Sardinia also being cancelled, we stumbled across the poolside hideaway not to far from us...

It was just what we needed with all the bad luck gravitating round us at that moment.

“The poolside hideaway” is a beautiful little retreat on the outskirts of Essex with scenery  that would make you think you were a plane ride away. With a host that is passionate about the importance of spending time with your love and making memories to cherish..

  • The food
  • The wine 
  • The music 
  • The scenery 

So thankful we managed to grab an amazing little break before lockdown and before holidays and break became just a memory! (Well for now anyway 😉)

This place ticks every box.”

- Lewis @lewiswelsh991












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