A Table Full of Joyful Energy

"Hosting my first dinner party soiree to celebrate my birthday was my lockdown dream come true. I’m so lucky to have a group of wonderful & empowering friends and bringing everyone together to celebrate not only my birthday, but each other was incredibly fulfilling. Being creative again brought my so happiness with styling the flowers & the tablescape.

I will never forget the moment I looked around the table and smiled in awe of the joyful energy. My friends laughing, clinking their drinks, all smiling. Bless my dear friend Frankie, who I promised a dairy-free dinner. I had a spread with dairy-free cheese & crackers accompanied with a sourdough pizza. My ideal dinner. When she asked how I made the dough, I replied: ‘500g sourdough bread maker mix... 125ml water... 25g of butter...’. Her face dropped, my face dropped... but immediately started laughing. Luckily she forgave me and she was physically okay but I definitely learnt to be more cautious when preparing to host a dairy-free guest!"

- Jo @jowoodford








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