A Weekend Surprise

If your best friend has never surprised you with a weekend getaway for your birthday, you need a new best friend. Kidding. But only sort of.

Hello, best 22nd birthday extravaganza ever. Let me explain ... Jen told me to block off a weekend. Then sent me an invite that mentioned a girls weekend in the Hamptons. That’s it. The date rolled around and we were off on our weekend adventure. I knew nothing but with each new twist and turn, we were greeted with magic around each corner.

A charming cottage. The best lobster roll & rose for lunch on the water. A walk along the coast to the lighthouse. Dreamy dinner reservations. Watching the sunset while dipping our toes in the water. It was a day that even a hallmark movie wouldn’t have been able to dream of or successfully replicate. While the setting and plans were picture perfect, it was the love and intentionality that made it all so heartwarming. It was a real day, not a fictional movie. I felt loved, cared for, and known.

There’s something to be said for generosity. It begets more generosity. When you love on someone, they want to love you back. After this magical first day, I will filled with the idea of surprising Jen back. Of course, she had planned this magical weekend so it would be impossible to top. But that’s the beauty of friendship: it isn’t about one upping each other, it’s simply about loving one another. So the next morning, I made sure to wake up early, ran out for bagels, and set up a cozy brunch for us. It certainly wasn’t a lavish trip, but when you are showered with so much love, you will do anything you can think of to shower them back.

Thank you for the best birthday getaway and for doing the best job of loving me! You are the best, Jen!

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