Ambience Matters Most

"I come from a big European family where food was the center of all entertaining. In my early days of entertaining, that's what I mimicked until I reflected back on all the best parties I had been to or thrown, and it was the impromptu and casual ones that I had the best time. So I shifted my entertaining and concentrated less on the perfection of the event, but rather the mood and how I wanted people to feel when they left - however big or small! I did whatever I could get done in the days leading up to the event, so the day-of was less stressful and I could set the vibe or mood and drinks, and be calm myself! While I still love a beautiful tablescape or gorgeous gourmet spread, I concentrate more on the music and ambience and conversation and ensure I am relaxed to be the best entertainer - your guests feel what you feel, so be calm and have fun and they will too!"

- Nicole @nicolezusilifestyle









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