An Unforgettable Dinner Party

"Planning events, especially dinner parties, comes naturally to me. My mom was a gourmet cook and baker and my parents loved to host parties especially during the holidays. Between family and friends, it was always a huge turnout and it was something I was very accustomed to. While I love to dine out with friends, I prefer to host something at home. I enjoy making a lot of food (I love leftovers), a great tablescape, and creating a fun and convivial vibe. No pretentiousness but just good ol' fun.

My most memorable dinner party was when we hosted a "Friendsgiving" many years ago in our home in L.A. When we first got married, many of our friends were unable to return home for the holiday so they came to our house. Thanksgiving dinner was another great success and after everyone left and the house was cleaned, my water broke...right when I was about to go to bed! I wasn't due for another two weeks! My daughter was born the following day. It's definitely a Thanksgiving I will always remember."

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