Bipolar Weather for a Glamorous Picnic

"My event was planned for my 31st birthday. Usually I would be jet setting to another country, but of course COVID ruined that happening. I decided I would utilize my backyard, which thanks to quarantine I have fallen in love with, and host my closest friends in a glamorous picnic.

I grabbed pallets from work to use as tables and went to all of my favorite home & party decor stores to complete the setup. The picnic was scheduled for my actual birthday, September 12th but when I checked the forecast two days prior it showed rain for the entire day! I panicked, started calling party tent rental companies, and even looked at some camping stores for tarp to keep the grounds dry; it was a nightmare! I considered moving the event indoors but I knew that my vision would not be brought to life! I rescheduled to the next day which was a Sunday and only showed rain during the morning. Since I was nervous about my setup getting wet, I didn’t begin decorating until hours before the event started but my girls rolled up their sleeves and assisted!

The picnic went on beautifully; my guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we had a magical time! P.S. It never rained the entire weekend! This bipolar weather! 😩😩😩"

- Lauren @ellekeys








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