The Holidays Are Proof We Can Transform A Home

Every year, millions of homes are transformed with beautiful holiday decor. Our family goes overboard for Christmas with luscious red bows, evergreen pines, and twinkling lights in every possible corner. (We're the type of family that believes you can never have too many string lights). Peep this little peek into our home’s entryway. We spend 11 months out of the year with the staples: naked stairwells, simple decor pieces, and neutral florals. All of a sudden, December hits and BAM! Christmas has come in full force.

Which begs the question: if a holiday transformation is possible, why not for other occasions? 

The holiday season is proof that we don't need that perfect lighting, that all-white home, or that perfect backdrop we often see in our dreamy Pinterest inspo boards to create an ambience that takes our breath away. Homes all around the world are transformed each year, and they are each cozy, magical, and awe-spiring in their own ways. These homes are places where people eat, drink, and be merry in a beautiful place. Most importantly, these are places where people are brought together.

We love the holiday home transformations because they reveal the enormous possibilities to transform our seemingly "ordinary" spaces into places for community together in joy. It helps us put on a totally different lens to see the spaces we inhabit on the daily. We can feel the inspiration beginning to blossom.

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