Dreaming of Hosting Since Childhood

"I remember watching Martha Stewart as a child, captivated by the magical and most ingenious details she could whip up for her audience. I would dream of one day hosting quaint little dinner parties under the stars or in my candle-lit dream home by the shore. It was quite a far fetched dream for a child growing up in a tiny Brooklyn apartment with her three siblings and hard working single mom.

I may not live in a mansion by the sea, but today I still jump at every opportunity to host parties big and small. My mother calls me Martha whenever she comes to visit, pointing out the creative way I'll fold the napkins, the centerpiece I'll have spent too many hours brainstorming over, the place settings creatively set out... It has been frustrating not being able to host parties for those I love in this pandemic. It is a creative outlet for me and a gift I enjoy giving to those who come to my home. It tore me up not to have Easter, a holiday that could easily find 25 people around my table. And here we are ready for Thanksgiving, still unsure of whether or not we can move forward with celebrating the people we love. I look forward to our next opportunity to invite guests to our table and get my creative gears moving again!"

- Elizabeth @lilac_and_sage_





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