Hurdles and Learning Lessons Along the Way

"We have faced a lot of hurdles since starting our business but we always look at those hurdles as learning lessons and opportunities to be better for our next event. However, we have definitely had our fair share of unpredictable moments but we have always been to pull it together.

One of the most memorable events was during a recent hurricane. We had set up a beautiful event in Lawrenceville earlier that day and when it was time for pick up that evening the hurricane was making its way through. We drove through flooded highways and rapids while enduring non stop lighting and wind. When we finally made it to our destination, the entire yard was flooded with over 1 foot of water and the tent the customer set up over our picnic table had completely collapsed on top of all of our supplies (glassware etc). There was nothing we could do but come back the next day. We were extremely stressed but decided to laugh it off and luckily nothing was severely damaged."

- Shelby @starrynights_atl








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