Last Minute Mother's Day

Just a friendly little PSA that this Sunday is Mother’s Day! For all you last minute planners who are just now realizing your usual fall back 2-day shipping option might not save the day this year, fear not - we’ve got you covered...

If you’re celebrating remotely, look up some of your mom’s favorite restaurants. Restaurants all over the country are adapting to closed dining rooms and are starting all sorts of new services like brunch boxes! Chances are, at least one of your mom’s go to spots is now offering a Mother’s Day Brunch Box. Schedule a surprise delivery to let her know you’re thinking of her and give her a much deserved break from cooking!

If you’re celebrating in person, choose to take care of your mom. Anticipate the ways she’ll need your help and beat her to it so she doesn’t even have to ask. Take a day away from the endless scrolling and gift her your presence. If covid-19 is teaching us anything, it’s that stuff doesn’t matter nearly as much as we previously thought and people matter far more than we can adequately express. Take that to heart and make sure you gift your time generously to the woman who loves you more than you could ever imagine.

If you’re celebrating virtually, what about making a slideshow of your mom’s motherhood journey? Obviously include lots of cute baby pictures of you and your siblings to pull on those heart strings! While they might not have always  been of the highest quality, those homemade Mother’s Day gifts you made back in your elementary school days warmed her heart more than you could ever imagine. Who says homemade gifts are just for little kids? Put in the effort and take her on a trip down memory lane!

No matter what Mother’s Day looks like for your mom this year, commit to loving her a little more each day. She deserves it.

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