Laughter, Tears, Oversharing, Encouragement: The Stuff Real Life Is Made Of

"My friend and I got together when quarantine was getting the best of us, and decided we needed to take action! So many of us were needing some authentic relationship…so we put our heads together to decide how to bring women together, to be able to dress up, and get out of the house…even though restaurants were closed.

We hosted all summer long, outdoors, on my friend’s farm, so the ladies would feel comfortable! The heart behind these events was just to bring women together. So many of us have never met in person. Maybe a mutual friend. Maybe had been connected on social media. And we’ve built such friendships over the summer. 

We will be continuing these through the fall and winter! As it’s been such a highlight! This night was one of our events we’ve been having through the summer. We decided to call ourselves the soirée supper club! We have picked theme nights through the summer…and we’re super excited to plan for the fall! These events have varied and theme, and how varied from bring your own takeout, to dress up in heels and dresses and drink wine. We wanted to create events that anyone would be able to come to.

I have always had a heart for hosting events of all kinds! This definitely filled my cup through this hard season. This particular event that these photos were taken from consisted of laughter, tears, oversharing, and encouragement! The stuff that real life is made out of."

- Kimberly @kimberlygarner7










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