Precious Memories Created Around A Special Table

"Hosting and entertaining is something I have always revelled in. The idea of bringing people into your home and for that one meal making them feel loved and special brings me immense joy. So much so I had this table made for me in 2013. It has hosted many birthdays, Dinner Parties, Christmas Lunches, Mother’s Day’s and Easter Feasts. This setting is from a Mother’s Day lunch.

Unfortunately I had to let go of this table recently. I held onto it after my marriage broke down as it was something very precious to me. Alas nowhere I was going to live would ever accommodate a table this large. I had to accept it wasn’t the table that made all the memories I had so special... it was the love I had put into those occasions. Luckily enough it has found the perfect new home with my brother and his family."

- Marissa @marissarobbins88







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