Staying True To Your Creative Vision

"The essence of any event for me is to ensure that I leave the guests with a memorable experience. It is always about the attention to detail, but not to be afraid to be bold and let your personality shine through. If you are passionate about your creations and you love what you do, it will eventually pay off.

Saying all of the above, it has taken me many years to reach this point. There has been self-doubt, questioning my designs and menus, and at times it felt like I took one step forward and two steps back. This is the road of personal growth though, there are no mistakes if you learn from them.

We have all experienced “difficult” clients, but most of the time they only know what they don’t like, they come to you to see what they might like. Listen really well to them and the creative solution will come to you. Be firm in your vision but be adaptable. Create mood boards, it is probably one of the best tools to ensure that your client can visualize your vision.

Trends does play a role, but I try not to let it influence me too much. Your own personal touch must always be present in your designs, it is your signature after all!"

- Yolandi @mybespokelifestyle









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