The Heart Behind Our Sweetheart Table Boxes

Coronavirus has impacted the entire world, a collective experience we all have been grappling with together. One of the casualties of this pandemic has been the thousands of weddings cancelled, postponed, or scaled down to micro-celebrations. What was once supposed to be the most magical and exciting season for a soon-to-be couple has become wracked with stress and uncertainty. Grace and I saw as our dear friends, many of them brides-to-be, become what the Internet has now called #coronabrides. We felt the disappointment as months of planning had to be re-worked entirely, and we also respected the sacrificial duty these brides exhibited to protect their families and their dearest friends. The desire remains, however, to find a way to still make the big day special and for the celebration to be just as magical, even if much smaller, socially distanced, or requiring a few more months of patience.

In the spirit of The Reveller, we believe in making the small moments special, the champagne a little more bubbly, and the smiles a little brighter when it comes to treasuring moments with loved ones. Can we deny that one of the sweetest parts of any wedding is seeing the newlyweds at the Sweetheart Table? The couple shares an intimate meal at together at a beautifully set table (and stealing a few smooches of course!). This quiet, intimate moment at the typical wedding bash is the true heart of a wedding: two souls becoming one together, forever intimately intertwined. Which begged the question: can those same sweet moments be created at home?

This became the inspiration behind these curated Sweetheart Table decor collections: making the evening in just as celebratory as the pre-CovID big day would have been. To all the coronabrides out there, we want to help you still be able to celebrate the big day in smaller, more intimate ways. To all the bridesmaids, dear friends, or family members of soon-to-be couples, this sweet surprise arriving on their doorstep is a small way to say "We're still celebrating with you, even if from afar".

Cheers to all of the sweet newlyweds and bride-to-be’s loving well and loving hard during these coronavirus times. This one’s for you.


DM us on Instagram @TheRevellerCo if interested or have questions. $150 (shipping included).

Includes: 2 glass champagne flutes, 2 charger plates, 2 placemats, 4 glass votive candles, 2 candlesticks, 2 glass candlestick holders, 1 ivy garland, 2 napkin rings, 2 cloth napkins, 1 string fairy lights (battery included), 1 disposable camera, 2 place cards.

If gifting this to a sweet soon-to-be-wed couple, gift message on stationary can be included.


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