Zoom Family Dinner Parties

At the end of all of this quarantine craziness, I hope I never hear the word zoom again unless it comes from the mouth of a toddler playing with cars. But until then, I’ve loved using Zoom for what’s now become our weekly Friday Night Family Dinner Parties. Between our busy work/school schedules, living in 3 different places, and varying social commitments bc (before corona, of course), the thought of virtually getting together on such a regular basis never crossed our minds nor would it have been as easily feasible to accomplish 100% attendance once, let alone weekly. Yet here we are. Another Friday, another family dinner, another time to be together. This week will be our 9th zoom family dinner party!

Hosting a dinner party looks nothing like it did bc. Friends don’t come over. The table isn’t as full. You’re not exhausted from cooking for an army. But the heart of being together hasn’t changed. It might look nothing like it did, but it sure feels just the same. Don’t stop hosting just because your door is closed.

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