Our Story


Back in college, we threw a friend a surprise bridal shower. What started as an adventure to throw our bride-to-be the shower she deserved (on a measly college student budget no less) has become the inspiration for The Reveller. We scoured the aisles of Target, Michael’s, and HomeGoods with our vision in mind. However, it was challenging to stay within our limited budget, find decor items that would come together in an elegant, coherent look, and we had to throw away all of the decor after the event. We thought to ourselves, “there’s got to be a better way.”

In the years since that bridal shower, we have often heard the same complaints and desires over and over again from our friends, families, and coworkers: hefty decor prices, stuck with the same decor over and over again, and useless leftover decor.


The Reveller’s mission is to empower everyday women to host, gather, and revel. At the heart of The Reveller, we believe:

  • Hospitality is a powerful way to love people and bring families and communities together.
  • Gathering together should be effortless and stress-free. 
  • Memories with loved ones is the currency of life. 


We'd love to connect with you! Email us at jen@thereveller.com or grace@thereveller.com.